Sub-Zero’s Commitment to Sustainability

Sub-Zero’s Commitment to Sustainability

Sub-Zero is a leading brand of high-end refrigeration, cooking, and dishwashing appliances that are designed to enhance the quality of life in your kitchen. Sub-Zero products are not only icons of design and performance, but also paragons of sustainability and environmental stewardship. In this article, we will explore how Sub-Zero is committed to sustainability in everything they do, from the materials they use, to the energy they save, to the food they preserve. Need your Sub-Zero repaired in Santa Ynez? Connect with our trusted partners.


Sub-Zero is conscious of the environmental impact of the materials they use in their products. That is why they strive to use recycled and recyclable materials whenever possible. For example, over 75% of the stainless steel and up to 50% of plastic in their refrigerators are recycled materials. They also recycle over 566 tons of scrap yearly that would otherwise go into landfills. Sub-Zero products are built to last for decades, reducing the need for frequent replacement and disposal.


Sub-Zero is also mindful of the water consumption and conservation in their manufacturing process. They have eliminated all wastewater in their manufacturing process and recycle almost 200,000 gallons of water per year. Sub-Zero products also help you save water at home by keeping your food fresher longer, reducing the amount of food waste that needs to be washed down the drain.


Sub-Zero is dedicated to improving the energy efficiency of their products and reducing their carbon footprint. Currently, several of their appliances have earned the Energy Star rating for outstanding energy efficiency. Their rated appliances are required to use about fifteen percent less energy than non-certified models. Sub-Zero products also feature innovative technologies that optimize the performance and minimize the energy consumption, such as dual refrigeration, vacuum seal, air purification, and smart-touch controls.


Sub-Zero products are not only good for the environment, but also good for your health and well-being. Sub-Zero products are designed to preserve your food at its peak freshness, flavor, and nutrition. By keeping your food fresher longer, Sub-Zero products help you reduce food waste and save money. According to a study by the Natural Resources Defense Council, Americans throw away about 25% of the food they buy each year. This amounts to about $1,600 per household per year. Sub-Zero products can help you avoid this unnecessary waste and expense by extending the shelf life of your food.


Sub-Zero is more than just a brand of luxury appliances. It is a brand that cares about the planet and its people. Sub-Zero is committed to sustainability in everything they do, from the materials they use, to the energy they save, to the food they preserve. By choosing Sub-Zero products for your kitchen, you are not only investing in quality and performance, but also in sustainability and environmental responsibility.